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Lavish Jewelry Cleaner, Foaming, Easy to Use, Safe for All Jewelry


  • $15.00

Lavish Foaming Jewelry Cleaner

The Jewelry Cleaning Revolution!

Lavish Jewelry Cleaner

Biodegradable and Safe
Removes Oil, Grease, Tarnish and Dirt
Gentle Foam for Easy Use

Finally there is a jewelry cleaner so soft, safe and gentle you can use it with your bare hands. No order, no mess and no fuss, just clean, sparkling jewelry. Two simple steps, apply the foam, wait 30 seconds, rinse and wear. No harsh chemicals, messy liquids, tubs, trays or wipes.

Gem of the Day is pleased to introduce Lavish Jewelry Cleaner, a new eco-friendly jewelry cleaner that is 100% biodegradable, easy to use, safe for all gems and metals, and made right here in the USA.

Lavish is very different from any jewelry cleaner you've ever seen. It is so gentle it can even be used to clean opals and pearls. Lavish is capable of cleaning your entire jewelry collection, from diamonds to precious and semi precious gems, gold, platinum, silver, and even costume jewelry.

There is enough foaming cleaner in each bottle to clean over 100 pieces of jewelry. And it's so safe and easy-to-use you'll want to always keep your jewelry sparkling.

OUR GIFT SET includes a soft jewelry brush and a lovely gift bag.


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