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Traser P67 Super-Sub TRITIUM Illuminated Professional Diver's Watches

Traser P67 SuperSub
The Amazing Traser P67 Super-Subs
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Boasting a water resistance of 50 bar, a helium valve and a ceramic bezel, as well as trigalight self-powered illumination technology, the P67 Super-Sub is equipped to handle all the uncertainties of our deepest, darkest waters.

Fifty Bar Water Resistance is the equivalent of 500 meters or 1,500 feet below sea level. The P67 Super-Sub withstands even that enormous water pressure and enables dives more than twice as deep as conventional diving watches. The further you go down into the ocean, the more light fades and even the intensity of color under water fades.  At 60 meters there is complete darkness.  At the same time, the oxygen reserves only allow a tight time window. To meet this challenge the P67 Super-Sub uses Traser's self-illuminating technology, Trigalight, on all the hands and the hour indices. Only with Trigalight can your watch face be truly visible even in the complete Darkness of the ocean depths.

Traser's P67 Super-Sub illuminated the dial completely independent of any external energy source. In addition to the T25 standard version, there is one series of the Super-Sub that offers the particularly bright T100 Edition. This is available only on models 109370, 109371 and 109372.