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Ear Spiral Dangle Earrings in 14k White or Yellow Gold


  • $189.90

14k Gold EarSpiral Earrings, model 3050, from Orogem

The Creative Genius of Harry Mason

14k Gold EarSpiral Earrings

Lightweight, Impossible to Lose
Dangles Freely and Sparkles with Every Move


Introducing a fabulous new earring concept with a freeflowing spiral of gold floating off the earlobe. The Earspiral" is the newest and most exciting earring design ever!! The Earspiral" from Orogem redefines the dangle earring with a smooth, lightweight, comfortable design that maximizes motion and sparkling brilliance.
This fabulous new earring concept features a free flowing spiral of gold floating off the earlobe. Designed by Harry Mason & Jose Jay, these earrings are protected by a U.S. Patent. © Harry Mason Licensed Exclusively to Orogem, Burbank, CA USA
  • Orogem Model # 3050
  • 14k Solid, Hardened Gold
  • Available in White or Yellow Gold
  • Holds their Shape, Will Not Bend Easily
  • Each Pair Includes a Left and Right Earring
  • One Piece Design
  • Threads onto Ear Piercing Hole
  • Lightweight, Comfortable, Impossible to Lose
  • Length: 39 millimeters or 1 9/16 inch
  • Width: 18 millimeters or 3/4 inch 

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