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Jose Jay's Original Classic EarPin Ear Climber Earring, Now in 14k Yellow, White or Rose Gold


  • $159.90

14k Gold Ear Pin Earring 8764

José Jay's Original Ear Pin® Earring

ReInventing Ear Jewelry with the Ear Climber Design

To say that José Jay revolutionized the ear jewelry industry when he created the original Ear Pin® (or Ear Climber) earring would be an understatement. Earrings now did things they had never done before. The Ear Pin climbed up the eat, actually follows the natural contour of the ear in an upward direction. And it was a one piece earring with no back to lose. It is very dramatic and quite different. People notice them immediately and always want to know where to get them.


Until now, the Ear Pin® has been available in only in a few select jewelry stores.  But Gem of the Day™ is now bringing the entire collection to the Internet. The Ear Pin® is versatile, comfortable and extremely stylish. It can be worn in a variety of ways and can be worn in both Pierced and non-Pierced ears. If you have multiple piercings it looks great combined with a pair of studs or drop earrings.

Vital Statistics for The Original Ear Pin®

  • MODEL # 8764
  • 14k Gold
    • Your Choice of Yellow, White or Rose Gold
  • Length -  1 1/8 inch
  • Width - 1/8 inch
  • One Piece Design, Adjustable and Comfortable
  • No Back to Lose
  • Can be worn in Non-Pierced Ears
  • Manufactured in the United States by Orogem

Ear Pin 8764At left you can see how the EarPin® is inserted and fixed to the ear. It is designed to be worn as a pair of earrings with a corresponding left and right side. When placed on the ear, The EarPin® should flow in an upward direction following the contour of the ear.

If your ear is not pierced, simply slide The EarPin® onto the ear lobe in a similar fashion. The tension on the ear wire can be adjusted to maximize comfort and wearability.

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