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Lacy Rope Coin Ring, 14k Gold with Your Choice of Canadian Maple Leaf or USA Walking Liberty Coin

Gem of the Day

  • $1,230.65

The designers at Gem of the Day have created this delicate rope style setting to showcase the beautiful Canadian Maple Leaf 1/10th ounce gold bullion coin.  Of course, you can also chose the United States Walking Liberty Coin instead.  It's your choice. 

Both these coins are over 90% pure gold as established by their government authorities..  And both weight 1/10th ounce. Virtually every 1/10th ounce bullion coin from countries around the world will easily fit into this sparkling rope style ring. And, since we manufacture the ring, it can also be altered to fit any coin, old or new, in any weight or size. Just ask and we'll get you a price and all the details!


Each Ring is INDIVIDUALLY MADE TO ORDER.  Your ring will be custom made exclusively for you.  Please allow 10 days to two weeks for delivery. If you have questions or special requests, please call us at 1 (888) 243-6329.

PRICING: This ring is an INVESTMENT in gold and contains a genuine investment grade gold bullion coin. The price is locked in and guaranteed when you place your order, but may change rapidly until then, based on changes in the price of gold.


  • Gemday Item # A-76-11
  • 14 karat Yellow Gold 
  • This Ring is an OPEN BACK DESIGN so the coin can be viewed in its entirety, front and back. 
  • RING WEIGHT: Approximately 8.0 grams (varies by finger size)


  • Your Choice of either:
    • USA 1/10th Ounce Walking Liberty Coin
    • Canadian 1/10th Ounce Maple Leaf Coin
  • Date of the Coin May Vary Based on Availability
  • Coin Weight 1/10th Troy Ounce
  • Grade AU (Almost Uncirculated) 
  • Coin Diameter - 16.5 millimeters


  • Ring will be Custom Made to your Exact Finger Size
  • This Ring Design can be made to hold other sizes and denominations of coins.  We can also use your coin to make this ring.
  • We can also make this ring in 10k gold, 18k gold or platinum if you desire.
  • Prices will vary depending on your choices.
  • Call TOLL FREE 1 (888) 243-6329 to discuss any customization you might desire. 


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