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Three Graces Hand Carved Shell Cameo Brooch-Pendant in 14k Gold


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Cameos Carved in Torre Del Greco, Italy

The Three Graces Cameo

Three Graces Cameo Brooch, Hand Carved from DiVinci Cameos

Hand Carved Conch Shell Cameo
Full Brooch Size 30 millimeters by 25 millimeter Large Cameo
Brooch can also be worn as a Pendant
14k Gold Brooch - Pendant

From almost the dawn of time the mythic Three Graces were considered the very heart of humanity. In ancient Greek and Roman times they were either considered goddesses themselves, or the companions of the gods. The Three Graces represent Charm, Charity and Gratitude. Without the Three Graces, life would not be bearable. The Three Graces gave humanity friendliness, uprightness of character, sweetness and conversation.

Throughout history many great artists and sculptors such as Rubens, Raphael and Picasso have worked to to capture the Three Graces in paint or stone. And cameos depicting the Three Graces are among the oldest ever carved.

In classical art and story the Three Graces are always depicted with the three female figures forming a circle. Often the representations were of women dancing and always they were surrounded by nature. Often the women were portrayed nude or covered in a light transparent cloth.

Cameos are one of the oldest forms of art, many dating back 2000 years. Each cameo is the work of an artist of great skill and talent. Hand carved cameos are true one-of-a-kind works of art, possessing a timeless beauty. Today there are only a very few master cameo carvers.

Gem of the Day™ is pleased to offer the magnificent Three Graces cameos from the master carvers in Torre Del Greco, Naples, Italy. The original classic hand carved conch shell cameo, pictured in close-up above, is carved by hand, with no two cameos ever exactly the same. Each Cameo is hand signed by the artist who carved the cameo..

This is a large, full brooch size cameo measuring 30 millimeters tall by 22 millimeters wide. The cameo is encased in the DiVinci classic 14k gold frame with the beaded accents. Because no two cameos are alike, each frame must be custom made to hold each individual cameo.

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