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Personalized Initial Money Clip, Customer Made in Heavy Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil or 14k Gold

Gem of the Day

  • $189.90

Strong, Heavy and Beautifully Made
Sterling Silver, Gold Vermeil or Solid 14k Gold

Precious Metal Initial Money Clips

Let's be brutally honest here. Almost all money clips being made today are simply terrible!  They are lightweight, weak, flimsy and don't hold up to wear.  You probably wouldn't put a dollar in any of them!!

But not the Precious Metal Money Clips from Gem of the Day!  We've gone all the way back to the craftmanship of the 1920's, when a goldsmith never skimped on gold or silver, never made things lighter and cheaper.  This is craftmanship at it's finest.

These Money Clips are stunningly heavy. The 14k Gold Money Clip weighs over 28 grams of 14k gold.   And the metal is thick and strong, 50 gauge metal. or 1.27 millimeters thick.  This is quality you can feel the moment you pick it up.

Our Money Clips are beautifully finished. The initials are deeply recessed into the metal, not merely engraved on the top.  The finish is a high polish, front back and even inside.  The result is a work of art you will keep for a lifetime.



  • Lettering Style - 3 Dimensional, Laser Carved Deep Recessed Letters 

  • Metal Choices
    • 14k White Gold
    • 14k Yellow Gold
    • 14k Rose Gold
    • Sterling Silver
    • Gold Vermeil (Gold Plated Over Sterling SIlver)
  • Average Weight: 28.20grams
  • SOLID GOLD or STERLING SILVER or Vermeil (Gold Plated Over Silver)
  • Finish: High Polished and Laser Designed
    • Please Allow 10 days for Delivery


  • Length: 54 millimeters
  • Width: 19 millimeters
  • Thickness: 1.27 millimeters

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