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NEW! Sculptured 14k Gold Wedding Set with 1 carat Solitaire Diamond

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  • $4,804.00

14k Gold Sculptured Wedding Set with 1 carat Diamond

Sculptured 14k Gold Wedding Set
featuring a 1 carat Diamond Solitaire

Gaspar, our Master Goldsmith is an old school master of the art of jewelry design.  Sure, the youngsters in the trade like a lot of flash, diamonds soldered everywhere, with so much dazzle you can't see the detail.  To tell the truth, you take enough tiny diamonds pasted everywhere and you can cover up a lot of sloppy workmanship.

Not Gaspar. Every detail must be perfect. Every curve must be carefully hand polished. And there can be no skimping on the gold.  The weight and quality of the ring are imperative.   

The flash should come from one extraordinary diamond, one full carat or larger. The side diamonds should be a nice size also and fully cut with forth-eight gorgeous facets.  These five side diamonds are .04 carat each or 1/5th carat total weight.  And every diamond is F color (colorless) and VS-2 clarity (not a single visible flaw or inclusion).  

When you order we make your ring from scratch, exclusively for you. Each ring is fully made right here in the United States, by the finest craftsmen in the entire industry.  

We're available by telephone during business hours, if you have a question, a request or an idea.  We promise you've never had an experience like this. 




  • 1 carat Round Diamond
  • WEIGHT: 1.00 carat (You will work with our gemologist to pick the perfect diamond for you. The price can vary based on your final selection)
  • COLOR: F
  • CUT: Round Brilliant, Fine Quality


  • Five (5) Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • TOTAL WEIGHT:  0.20 carat
  • COLOR: F
  • CUT: Round Brilliant, Fine Quality


  • 14k Gold (Yellow, White or Rose)
  • Custom Made to Your Exact Finger Size
  • WEIGHT: 6.4 grams (will vary slightly by finger size)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: After you place your order you will be contacted by telephone by our Master Jeweler/Gemologist to discuss your center diamond and any requirements or questions you may have. Each ring is made to order for each customer. Allow two weeks for delivery. 

CUSTOMIZATION: This ring can be customized to your exact specifications. Any size or quality of Diamond is available. Simply Call us at 1 (888) 243-6329 and we'll make a ring exactly the way you desire.

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