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Men's Massive Gold Coin and Diamond Ring, Genuine USA $10 Indian Head Eagle, 1 1/3 ctw Diamonds

Gem of the Day

  • $5,790.90

USA Pre-1933 $10 Gold Coin

Men's $10 USA Gold Coin and Diamond Ring

Collectible Genuine Pre-1933 USA $10 Indian Head Gold Coin
Extremely Large Man's 14k Gold

Now Available with Your Choice of Open Back or Closed Back Design
Over 45 Grams of 14k Gold, Custom Made to Order

Unique in all the world, only Gem of the Day is currently making this very large and dramatic USA $10.00 Men's Gold Coin Ring in 14k Gold with over 1 1/3rd carat of diamonds total diamond weight. Each ring is hand made to your exacting specifications.  As  shown and priced here on-line we will supply a random year (date will vary) Almost Uncirculated $10 Gold Indian Head Eagle Coin.

 Specific coin requests can be honored (the price will vary based on the coin your request). We can also use your coin, if you desire. Call us TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 243-6329 to discuss your needs.

This extremely large and heavy Men's Diamond $10.00 U.S.A. Coin Ring is not for everyone. It is about three times larger than the average men's ring with a diameter of about 34 millimeters (or 1 1/3 inch). The sides of the ring actually taper inward toward the finger. The coin itself is 27 millimeters alone. The diamond and gold ring and bezel make up the rest of the size. Each ring is custom made from scratch to the exact finger size you specify.

Because the coin itself has great value, it is treated with great care. The coin is securely held in a bezel frame we designed to hold the coin securely without any soldering or damage. You never lose the value of the coin. This bezel is then set with 56 carefully matched round brilliant cut diamonds, with a clarity grade of SI-1 and a color grade of F-G, among the finest diamonds available. The total weight is guaranteed to be over 1 1/3rd carat of diamonds. Both the diamonds and the coin are set down in the ring for complete security. This ring can take a tough man's wear and tear without risk of losing a diamond or damaging the coin.

By popular request we now offer this ring with your choice of either an OPEN BACK, which allows full visibility of the coin or a heavy, smooth comfort fit closed back design. 

The total gold weight of the ring without the coin with the OPEN BACK is about 39 grams.

If you select the closed back design the weight is approximately 45 grams (or 1 1/2 ounces) of 14k gold. The coin adds another 17 grams (on average, may vary by the condition of the coin). The ring will weigh 60 grams or more when complete. The ring will be custom engraved with your name or initials and a date if you desire.


  • Each ring is individually made to the exact specifications of the customer by the skilled Master Goldsmiths and Gemologists at the Gem of the Day studio here in the United States.  Please allow two weeks for delivery.
  • Gemday Item # A-3-ZP10C


  • 56 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds 
  • Diamonds are Channel Set into the Ring
  • 1 1//3 carat total diamond weight
  • COLOR:  F-G (Colorless)
  • CLARITY: SI-1 (Free from any visible flaws or inclusions)


  • 14 karat Yellow Gold 
    • Open Back Design allow full view of the very valuable coin. 
    • Closed Back, Comfortable polished smooth finish
  • High Polished Finish
  • The coin is set down into the ring is a special frame to protect the coin and its value
  • Closed Back: Approximately 50 grams (Not Including the Coin which add an additional 17 grams, Weight may vary slightly by finger size)
  • Open Back: Approximately 39 grams (Not Including the Coin which add an additional 17 grams, Weight may vary slightly by finger size)
  • DIAMETER (VERY LARGE men's ring):  35 millimeters or nearly 1 1/2 INCH across the top of the ring.
  • Genuine U.S.A. Indian Head Gold Eagle, Random Year Date (varies based on availability) Grade AU (Almost Uncirculated)
  • USA Genuine Coin Face Value was $10.00 when minted
  • Average Weight: 17 grams (will vary slightly by coin)
  • Each Ring is Custom Made   You can discuss coin options by calling 1 (888) 243-6329 


  • Ring will be Custom Made to your Exact Finger Size
  • This Ring Design can be made to hold other sizes and denominations of coins.  We can also use your coin to make this ring.
  • We can also make this ring in 10k gold, 18k gold or platinum 
  • To discuss having a ring made to your specifications, with your coin or ours, just call us TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 243-6329. 

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