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Jose Jay 14k Gold and Garnet Demi-Hoop Earrings, Cioro S134-GA


  • $99.00

José Jay's 14k Demi-Hoop Ensemble with Garnet Heart Drop

José Jay's Cioro® Earrings dangle, dazzle and move with your every motion. It has the length and dimensions of a hoop earring, but the sparkle and motion of a dangle style. And yet, it is actually neither.

The Cioro is an innovative new earring design. The design starts with a simple 14k Gold ball earrings.  Then José added a half hoop that dangles from the back of the earring, actually behind the ear. The genuine Garnet Heart then dangles from the half hoop.

The Demi-hoop in attached to the pierced earring back and can therefore be worn with any pair of earrings you already own that use a pierced earring back. And likewise, the 14k gold ball stud earring can also be worn without the demi-hoop drop using any pierced earring back.


  • Designed by José Jay and Manufactured in the USA by Orogem
  • Model # S134-GA
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • Pierced Earring
  • Genuine Cavachon Cut Heart Shaped Garnets
    • Pair 14k Ball Earring Stud Earrings
    • Pair Half Hoop Earring Backs with Heart Garnet Drops 
  • CIORO® is a Registered Trademark of José Jay and Orogem Corp

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