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Hammered 14k Gold Wedding Ring with a King's Field Camo Sleeve by Lashbrook


  • $1,399.90

Hammered 14k Gold Wedding Ring

Two Great Investments:
Your Love and 14k Solid Gold

Hammered Solid 14k Gold Wedding Band

King's Field Camo Inner Liner
Designed by Gem of the Day
and Made by Lashbrook Designs

Over the centuries, nothing has been a better investment than real gold. The use of gold predates written history, but gold rings have been found in the earliest archaeological finds. 

Man's search for this rare metal contributed to the "Gold Rush" that ultimately settled the western United States and Alaska, too.   Photographed above is a Assay Office in Bannack, Montana.  The original photograph above is by renowned nature photographer Mike Goad and we appreciate his permission to use this work.

Your marriage is the most important investment you will make in your lifetime.  It is fitting that you chose a 14k gold ring to seal the bond of that event.


14k Solid Yellow Gold with a 3 Dimensional Hammered Finish - Of the many relationships we form over our lifetime, none is more precious than the one that leads to marriage. It is fitting that we symbolize that love with a ring – the eternal round, an unending circle created from one of the most precious metals that has ever existed. 

Gold’s ability to be molded, shaped and carved into intricate designs combined with it's rarity and immense value has made it the metal of choice for use in jewelry. Gold is measured in karats (K). Karats refer to the purity of gold, with 24K being the most pure. Gold is typically mixed with other metals to make it stronger with 14k being ideal for both wear and value.

Inner Sleeve Inlaid with Genuine King's Field Camouflage - We chose genuine King's Field Camouflage to compliment the rugged design of this 14k gold ring. Because this is real King's Field Camo, the section of camo used will vary slightly from ring to ring and no two rings will ever be exactly the same. 


LASHBROOK seals the camo inlay with a layer of resin to protect it from wear, sweat, lotions and water.

Cleaning: Camo rings need no special care and can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, steam or ultrasonic. If the ring of finish should become damaged it can be refinished for a small additional cost.

WIDTH: The ring is 8 millimeters wide. 

CUSTOMIZATION: There are 32 other camo patterns available from King's, Real Tree and Mossy Oak. The ring can also be made of Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Tantalum or any precious metal including white or rose 14k gold.  Call us TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 243-6329 and we'll make a ring exactly the way you desire.


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