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Diamond Solitaire Earrings Super Store

Gem of the Day

  • $378.00

The Diamond Solitaire Earrings of your dreams at Gem of the Day's amazingly low prices.  Choose from 1/4 carat total weight up to 1 full carat total weight in a 14k gold setting. And you can choose between Natural, untreated, conflict-free MINED Diamonds or our amazing Genuine Lab-Created Diamonds. Do it all right here on one, simple to use page!



  • Minimum Clarity: I-1 (some visible inclusions)
  • Minimum Color: I-J (near colorless)
  • Natural Mined Diamonds, Untreated
  • Conflict-Free
  • Sustainably Sourced


  • Real, Genuine Diamonds, 
  • Grown in a Laboratory instead of Mined from the Earth
  • Indistinguishable for mined diamonds
  • MINIMUM CLARITY: VS-2 (absolutely eye-clean of any inclusions or flaws)
  • MINIMUM COLOR: D-E-F (colorless)


  • 14k Gold
  • Your Choice of White or Yellow 14k Gold
  • Pierced Earrings
  • 4 Prong Setting
  • Push-on Back

Gem of the Day strongly recommends Lab Created Diamonds.  Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds! They have the same chemical, optical and physical properties of mined diamonds. They are diamonds in every way, except for the way they are sourced.  You will receive SUBSTANTIALLY HIGHER QUALITY DIAMONDS, better color and better clarity, for SIGNIFICENTLY LESS MONEY.

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