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Diamond Halo Engagement and Wedding Ring featuring a 1.6 carat Mystic Fire Topaz Center Stone

Gem of the Day

  • $1,283.50

Genuine Mystic Fire Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring An Wedding set Like No Other

Mystic Fire Topaz and Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Every Ring Will Be Custom Designed to Your Exacting Specifications

It's 2024 and the traditional diamond bridal set is a thing of the past.  Your ring should reflect your sentiments and your style.  The beauty of working with the designers at Gem of the Day is that you can design your ring to be as unique as your love.

Today our designers have created this 1.6 carat Genuine Mystic Fire Topaz Bridal Set that has Eighty (80) Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds, all set into 14k White Gold.   

A Mystic Fire Topaz is a genuine Topaz that has been bonded together with a layer of Titanium. This thin layer of titanium affects the properties of the light shining through the stone and gives it the every changing fiery colors.  It is a new stone, first created in just 1998.  

You can certainly buy this ring exactly as shown here, or you can custom design your with different gold colors and different center gemstones.  The ring of your dreams is, quite literally, just one phone call away.

Gem of the Day's Mystic Fire Topaz and Diamond Halo Bridal Set


Set Included BOTH Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Allow 10 Days for manufacturing to your finger size and any other customization you desire.

Mystic Fire Topaz

  • Genuine Topaz Stone
  • 8mm by 6mm Oval Shape
  • Faceted Cut
  • 1.6 carats
  • Genuine Topaz coated with Titanium using Physical Vapor Deposition
    • Mystic Fire Topaz is a strong and sturdy stone. It has a Mohs Scale Hardness of 8 (a diamond has a hardness of 10).  We recommend cleaning with a foaming cleaner like Lavish.  


  • Eighty (80) Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • 1/4 carat total Diamond weight
  • SI-3 Clarity
  • H-I Color
  • Natural Mined Diamonds
  • Conflict Free

14K Gold

  • 14k White Gold
  • 5.6 grams gold weight (will vary slightly by finger size)

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