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Diamond Earspiral Dangle Earrings, 16 Diamonds, 14k Gold, Orogem #3303


  • $299.90

3303-W10V, White 14k Gold

Diamond Earspiral Dangle Earrings

Dramatic New Styling

Sparkling Motion Earring

Your Choice of White or Yellow 14k Gold

Introducing the newest and most exciting earring design ever!! The Earspiraltm  Earrings from Orogem redefine the dangle earring with a smooth, lightweight, comfortable design that maximizes motion and sparkling brilliance.

This fabulous new earring concept features a free flowing spiral of gold floating off the earlobe. Designed by Harry Mason & Jose Porcell, these earrings are protected by a U.S. Patent.

Comfortable to wear and virtually impossible to lose, the Earspiral is bound to be the biggest hit in ear wear since Orogem introduced the EarPin® Ear Climber Earrings.


  • Orogem Model Numbers #3303-010V (Yellow 14k) or #3303-W10V (White 14k)
  • Made for Pierced Ears
  • One Piece Solid 14k Gold
  • No Earring Backs to Lose
  • Left and Right Spiral Earrings, Sold as a Pair
  • 8 Diamonds in Each Ear for a Total of 16 Diamonds
  • 1/10th carat of Diamonds total weight (pair)
  • Completely Manufactured in the United States by Orogem's Master Jewelers


  • LENGTH: 1 3/16 inch
  • WIDTH: 11/16th Inch


The EarSpirals can be sold individaully for left or right ears. Other customization, such as gold color or gemstones can be ordered. Call us TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 243-6329 for more information.



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