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Classic Diamond Bridal Set, 1 1/2 carats total weight, Lab Grown Diamonds, 14k White Gold

Gem of the Day

  • $1,937.50

Here is a surprise! Gem of the Day has updated our Classic 18 Diamond Bridal Set, featuring a 1/2 carat round brilliant cut diamond center accented with 17 carefully matched round brilliant cut diamonds in a new streamlined 14k white gold setting. But the surprise is our decision to use Lab Grown Diamonds instead of traditional mined diamonds!

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds! They have the same chemical, optical and physical properties of mined diamonds. They are diamonds in every way, except for the way they are sourced.  

And Lab Grown Diamonds are not new. The first were created over 80 years ago, but were never used because they were actually MORE EXPENSIVE than mined diamonds.  Today that is no longer true. Today you can get even finer quality lab grown diamonds for less money than comparable mined diamonds!  And that's why we chose to use Lab Created DIamonds for this set today. 

Of course, we can also make this set for you with traditional mined diamonds or other gemstones, just call and ask!  Scroll down to learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds.


  • Gem of the Day Model # A-4-2773
  • Complete Set includes both Engagement Ring and Wedding Band


  • .50 carat Round Brilliant Cut
  • Lab Grown Diamond (not mined)
  • G-H Color
  • SI-1 Clarity


  • 17 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • .Lab Grown Diamonds (not mined)
  • Each diamond weighs 0.06 carat 
  • 1.02 carats total diamond weight
  • G-H Color
  • SI-1 Clarity


  • 14k White Gold
  • 7 grams weight (will very slightly by ring size)
  • Each Diamond is Prong Set Individually

Lab Grown Diamonds are NOT a Diamond Substitute and they are not imitations. They are real diamond, identical in every way to mined diamonds, except they are made by man, in a laboratory.

Cubic Zirconia IS NOT a Lab Grown Diamond. CZ is an inexpensive imitation that does not have the reflection, color or the chemical properties of a diamond. And CZ is slightly softer, subject to scratching.  CZ clouds easily when dirty or oily, but can be beautiful when kept clean.  All Cubic Zirconia is man made, 

Moissanite IS NOT a Lab Grown Diamond. Although Moissanite is a beautiful substitute, it is actually crystalline Silicone Carbide. It is softer than a diamond and has a slightly yellowish tinge in color. It is doubly refractive when cut like a diamond and is somewhat easy to distinguish.  Today Moissanite is often prized as a desirable gemstone itself and is used in many jewelry designs,  Virtually all Moissanite used in jewelry today is also lab grown.

Of course Gem of the Day would be pleased to Custom Design this Bridal Set for you using any gemstone, mined diamond, Moissanite or even a diamond substitute like Cubic Zirconia. Call us TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 243-6329 for details and a price quote.

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