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Charles-Hubert Paris Executive Pen Collection, Choice of Fountain Pen or Ballpoint

Charles~Hubert Paris

  • $48.80

Charles-Hubert Paris Executive Pens


Charles Hubert Paris Pens
The Perfect Gift for Graduation or Any Occasion

Classic Fountain Pen or Ball Point Style

Precision Writing Instruments that Only A Fine Watchmaker Could Make

There is something classic, precious, valuable about a fine pen, even in the age of computers and cellular phones. Those electronic devices are somehow disposable. But a fine pen is valuable, a work of art. Likewise, a hand written note or a hand written letter is a treasure people still keep forever. Those digital texts disappears in seconds, quickly forgotten. A hand written letter, however, is often kept forever. That's why, even in the age of electronics, a fine writing instrument is the perfect Graduation Gift.

It takes a great watchmaker to design and manufacture a precision writing instrument you'll want to keep for a lifetime. The attention to the smallest detain is what make a Charles-Hubert Pen nearly perfect. The finely detailed herringbone design on these pens and the rich goldtone finish make these pens stand out. This is a gift that will be immediately treasured. And it's a pen you may wish to own yourself.

 Fountain Pen Model: GM9199

Ballpoint Pen Model: GM9198

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