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Blue Lodge Masonic Rings, Custom Made in Gold Vermeil or Sterling Silver

DRS, Inc.

  • $299.90

The Freemasons are a Fraternal Order and one of the oldest organizations in recorded history. Traditionally Masons honor the strong foundation of the order by signifying their advancement or position with Masonic Jewelry, rings, watches, cufflinks and more.

Masonic rings represent the highest standard of honor, integrity and grace.  Personalize your masonic ring with your choice of stone color and metal. Each ring is custom made expressly for you by DRS, the nation's leading manufacturer of Masonic Jewelry.

Blue Lodge refers to a lodge that bestows the first three masonic degrees: entered apprentice, fellow craft, and master mason. The color blue symbolizes eternity and loyalty. The rings offered here are available in your choice of Sterling Silver or a lustrous, long lasting, Gold Vermeil (gold plated over sterling silver).  These rings are available in half sizes from 8 to 14.

You can also chose your stone color. Chose either Synthetic Blue, Synthetic Red or Genuine Onyx. Because each ring is CUSTOM MADE, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.  Each ring is shipping in a handsome gift box.


  • Each Ring is Custom Made to Your Specifications
  • Rings are Die Cast is Solid Sterling Silver
  • Your Choice
    • Sterling Silver High Polish Finish
    • Gold Vermeil (Gold Plated over Sterling Silver) High Polished Finish
  • All Rings Are SOLID BACK
  • Stone Choices:
  • All Stones are 12mm by 10 mm faceted edge stones
    • Synthetic Red Translucent Stone
    • Synthetic Blue Translucent Stone
    • Genuine Black Onyx ($20.00 additional charge)

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