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2020 Bat Commemorative U.S. Quarter in a Sterling Silver Pendant

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2020 USD Bat Commemorative Quarter

2020 is a year we will never forget.  With the great tragedy of the Corona Virus and lives lost, touched and changed forever, this is a year that has affected us all in deeply personal ways.

Most of the world has been in quarantine or lockdown, businesses, schools and churches have been closed, and milestone events like graduations, marriages, birthdays and anniversaries cancelled or delayed.

It is ironic that the United States Government planned years ago to issue a special commemorative quarter honoring National Park of American Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean.  The park chose to feature the Fruit Bat, a very rare bat found only in this park.  It must be noted that this small bat is in no way related to the bats that might have been the origin of the Corona Virus.

The United States Mint issued this statement about the coin. "The reverse (tails) design depicts a Samoan fruit bat mother hanging in a tree with her pup. The image evokes the remarkable care and energy that this species puts into their offspring," said the U.S. Mint. "The design is intended to promote awareness to the species’ threatened status due to habitat loss and commercial hunting."

That U.S. Currency American Samoa Fruit Bat Coin is featured here in a sterling silver frame Pendant and makes a treasured keepsake to remember this monumental year in all our history.

A portion of all sales of this coin pendant are being donated to Helping Hands Ministry to help their Food Bank Program during this difficult time.


  • 51st quarter in America's National Park series honoring a national park or historic site in all 50 states, D.C. and the 5 U.S. territories
  • First issue of 2020
  • National Park of American Samoa in the South Pacific Ocean
  • Reverse shows Samoan fruit bat mother and her pup
  • Reverse also features the site name, territory location and year of issue
  • Obverse bears a smaller restored version of the original Washington profile, and mint mark below the motto "In God We Trust"
  • Uncirculated Condition
  • MInt May Vary Depending on Availability
  • Material: Clad
  • Territories: American Samoa
  • Year: 2020
  • National Park Quarter Series: National Park of American Samoa, American Samoa (2020)


  • Sterling Silver Pendant Frame with Bale
  • Quality Stamped "925"
  • Coin Can be Removed by User
  • Screw Top
  • Diamond Cut Finish

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