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2 1/3 carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring with 68 Accent Diamonds, 14k Gold

Gem of the Day

  • $3,996.90

The Most Beautiful Diamond W've Ever Seen!

The world of diamonds has changed forever! Today, you can own a diamond that was beyond the reach of anyone but the most wealthy and well connected. In fact, even then this diamond was impossible!

This beautiful Oval Brilliant Cut diamond is 2.30 carats in weight.  It is very large, 10.87 millimeters by 7.49 millimeters.  Today, using the finest technology, the diamond is cut perfectly, certified 8X (details below).  The diamond itself has a clarity of VVS-1 (virtually free from any flaws) and a color of D (the very finest color grade, which means it's colorless).

How is this possible? It is because the diamond is a Gem of the Day Laboratory Grown Genuine Diamond. These are, in our opinion, the world's Finest Diamonds.  Mother Nature taught us her secrets and we've followed her "diamond recipe," and perfected the art of diamond creation.  Because we grow the diamonds in our laboratories, they are natuially conflict free and sustainably sourced.  Most importantly, they ARE GENUINE DIAMONDS. They are not fake, copies, or imitation. And they are a quality that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars only a few years ago.

In addition to the 2.3 carat center diamonds, the ring featured here has 68 accent diamonds, also Gemo  of the Day Laboratory Grown Genuine Diamonds. They total 1/2 carat total weight.  

This will probably be the most beautiful ring you've ever seen.

Gem of the Day Model # A-4S-122996.  The Ring will be made to your exact finger size. Please allow One Week to 10 Days for Delivery.



  • 2.30 carat or larger Oval Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire
  • Gem of the Day Laboratory Grown Genuine Diamond, Ethically Sourced, Conflict Free
  • 8X - The ULTIMATE Cut Grade - An 8X Diamond must meet or exceed the EXCELLENT Cut Grade in all 8 Measurements of Cut Quality.
  • COLOR: D (The very finest color grade)
  • CLARITY: VVS-1 (Free of any visible Flaws and Inclusions, even under 10 power magnification)
  • Diameter: approximately 10.87 by 7.49 millimeters


  • Sixty Eight (68)) Carefully Matched Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • Gem of the Day Laboratory Grown Genuine Diamonds
  • 0.50 carats total diamond weight
  • COLOR: G-H
  • Diameter: 0.09 to 1.3 millimeter each stone


  • Twenty-Eight (28) Carefully Matched Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds
  • Gem of the Day Laboratory Grown Genuine Diamonds
  • Approximately .30 carat total diamond weight
  • COLOR: G-H
  • Diameter: approximately 1.3 millimeters


  • Your Choice of 14k White , Yellow or Rose Gold
  • Approximately 6 grams (weight will vary based on Finger Size)
  • Other Sizes (Any Size) is available on Request

CUSTOMIZATION:  We can make any changes you desire. Of course the ring can be made with naturally mined diamonds, Moisanitte, other gemstones or with different metal choices. Anything! Just call us at 1 (888) 243-6329.

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