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1/10th Ounce USA Walking Liberty Coin is a Simple, Classic 14k Gold Pendant


  • $519.90

The rapid increase in gold prices over the last few weeks have made gold coins one of the hottest fashion trends.  And there is no better way to wear your gold coin investment than in this simple SOLID 14k GOLD pendant.  

Less is truly more in this simple pendant. Nothing distracts from the beauty of the American Gold Eagle (often called the Walking Liberty).  Nothing distracts from the beauty of the coin. 

And the price is unbeatable, too.  From Gem of the Day, this pendant INCLUDING THE 1/10th ounce COIN costs less than some dealers charge for just the coin! Don't pass up on this terrific opportunity to wear gold!


Model # A-16Q-C1801

Manufactured and Assembled by WIDEBAND JEWELRY - Allow three days to one week for delivery


  • Genuine USA 1/10th Ounce Gold Eagle Walking Liberty Gold Bullion Coin
  • Date may vary
    • Price may vary based on availability of the date you chose
  • Coin Diameter: 16.5 millimeters
  • Coin Thickness: 1.19 millimeters


  • 14k Solid Gold
  • Frame Diameter: 18.0 millimeters (barely more than the coin itself)
  • Frame Weight: 1.0 grams
  • 14k Gold Bale
  • Coin and Frame Made and Assembled in the United States


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