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Lashbrook Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage Zirconium Wedding Band

Lashbrook Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage Zirconium Wedding Band


  • $599.90

Lashbrook Wedding Ring made of Black Zirconium with a MossyOak Obsession Insert

Your Passion is Our Passion

Lashbrook Mossy Oak Obsession Camo Wedding Ring

Made of Jet Black Zirconium

Custom Made Just for You to Your Exact Specifications

LASHBROOK is the world's leader in custom designed wedding rings. It is LASHBROOK'S mission to help you find a ring that embraces your passion, your lifestyle and your dreams. This Mossy Oak Black Zirconium Camouflage Ring is dramatic and undeniably handsome.  It is a one of a kind, just like you.


Black Zirconium - Zirconium is an element on the periodic table. It has incredible chemical resistance and does not readily react with solvents, acids, bases or other common chemicals. Such unique characteristics make zirconium a great material to use in exotic applications. Traditionally, it used as an alloy in nuclear reactors, submarines, and incendiary munitions.

Our zirconium rings are made using this same high-tech Zirconium alloy, which is comprised primarily of zirconium with a few trace elements. These unique combinations of metals make zirconium rings a perfect option for those with nickel and precious metal allergies and sensitivities.

Inlaid with Genuine Mossy Oak Obsession Camouflage - We use genuine Mossy Oak Obsession Camo and the section of camo used will vary slightly from ring to ring. No two are ever exactly alike. 

Those who purchase camo rings are likely to be physically hard on their rings; specifically, men and women who hunt or work with their hands. LASHBROOK seal camo inlays with a layer of resin to protect it from wear and water, however these rings should be treated as fine jewelry, and should be removed during harsh activities that could damage the ring.

Cleaning: Camo rings need no special care and can be cleaned with regular jewelry cleaner, steam or ultrasonic. If the ring of finish should become damaged it can be refinished for a small additional cost.

WIDTH: The ring is 7 millimeters wide. 

CUSTOMIZATION: There are 32 other camo patterns available from King's, Real Tree and Mossy Oak. The ring can also be made of Titanium, Cobalt Chrome, Tantalum or any precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum.  Call us TOLL FREE at 1 (888) 243-6329 and we'll make a ring exactly the way you desire.


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