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Traser P68 Pathfinder H3 Tritium Adventure Watches



The timepieces of the P68 Pathfinder Adventure Collection from Traser are functional, authentic and aesthetic - for fashion-conscious people, globetrotters and everyone who leads an active lifestyle. Simplicity meets sophistication and robustness. Watches that are made to accompany their wearers on either wilderness adventures or those unexpected discoveries in the urban jungle.

For the selfdetermined and self-confident who transform their ordinary days into an adventure. For those who do not need directions but unflinchingly pursue their own path. Breathtakingly beautiful, unique, with a strong character and reliable. If the sun has already set, this clock brings light into the darkness: Thanks to the in-house developed trigalight self-powered illumination technology, the hands and hour indices of the traser watch glow even in complete darkness.