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ProTek Watches


ProTek Watches is now the Official Watch Brand Of the United States Marine Corps

ProTek Watches is a new and exciting watch company, a new vision from Barry Cohen, who was the founder and, for 27 years, the CEO of the Luminox Watch Company.  Even though Barry retired from Luminox several years ago, he is taking military grade tritium watches up to the next level in watch evolution with his new ProTek line of timepieces.

Protek– The Name Defines the Brand and the watches.

PRO: For professionals at the top of the their craft.

TEK: For the very finest technology in watches today. The finest, most accurate movements, ProGlo™, the newest, most innovative , self-powered Swiss Tritium illumination, the finest watch cases and crystals, state of the art assembly and construction and, most important of all,  customer service beyond compare.

Protek is the state of the art in watchmaking today.