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Women's and Mid-Size Watches

Women's or Mid-Size Watches are a rare commodity today with many new men's watches approaching a whopping 50 millimeters in diameter.  So Time 4 Tritium works directly with the leading manufacturer's like Traser and H3 Tactical to locate or even commission smaller diameter watches.  Some models are not carried by the U.S. distributors and we are bringing them to you directly from Switzerland.

These watches are perfect for women in the military, law enforcement fire, search and rescue, medical or any demanding profession. They're also perfect for any woman involved in outdoor or active sports! 

Some models shown in this section are Mid-Size models originally marketed to men, but are perfect for anyone with a smaller wrist.

Tritium Watches are especially ideal for use in low light or nighttime situations. Tritium Glows 100 times brighter than conventional luminous paint and doesn't fade during the night. It never needs recharging and will glow brightly for 25 years.