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14k Solid Gold 6.2 mm Square Byzantine Chain with Hidden Double Locking Clasp

Gem of the Day

  • $11,254.90

The World's Finest Solid 14k Gold Square Byzantine Chain

Incredibly Strong and Secure Double Lock Hidden Clasp

6.2 millimeter Wide and Deep Square Chain

Custom Made to Order in Any Length

Easily the most incredible Byzantine Chain ever made!! The workmanship is flawless, the detail superb. The chain is massive, genuinely 6.2 millimeters wide and deep and extremely heavy .  But most impressive is the double locking, hidden box clasp that is almost impossible to break or separate from the chain. 

Compare anywhere! Nearly everyone else is using an easy-to-break lobster claw clasp that is simply spot soldered onto the chain using thin flaps.  Can you afford to take that risk on a gold chain costing thousands of dollars?  Plus the Gem of the Day SOLID BOX Clasp is beautiful, solid 14k gold, finely detailed and integrated into the chain. You almost can't see it! It's the same width and design as the chain. 

When you spend this much time and effort to make the locking clasp, you spend an equal amount of time and expertise making the chain itself. Every link is solid and finished to a high polish and perfect shape.  People will notice the difference. And you will treasure this chain forever.


14k Solid Gold Square Byzantine Chain

Hidden Box Double Locking Clasp

Solid 14k Gold Links

6.2 millimeters Width and 6.2 millimeters depth each link

Hand Made Chains

14k Gold Weights (may vary up to 10%)

18" Chain with Clasp - 112 grams

20" Chain with Clasp - 126 grams

24" Chain with Clasp - 152 grams  

26" Chain with Clasp - 168 grams

30" Chain with Clasp - 194 grams

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