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Wow! Men's Large and Heavy Tiger's Eye Ring from Chisel


  • $57.50


CHISEL really does understand men's jewelry.  They know the jewelry must be large... and heavy... and bold.  And they hit the mark with this Tiger's Eye Ring. Check out the pictures to the left (or above in a mobile phone).  This is a ring any man would be proud to wear.

But CHISEL also understands how to make such great jewelry without breaking the bank account. The secret here is they used Stainless Steel to make the ring. Bright, beautiful highly polished... and yet affordable.  We'll bet this is the perfect ring for the man in your life.


  • Genuine Tiger's Eye Stone
  • Stone Diameter: 20 millimeters Round
  • Ring Material: Stainless Steel
  • Available in size 9, 10, and 11 only
  • WEIGHT: 17.5 grams
  • SKU #A-93Q-SR176

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