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Klaebu Handmade Turquoise Inlaid Silver Hoop Earrings

Klaebu Silversmiths

  • $48.00

The difference between handmade silver earrings and the mass produced machine made earrings is simply stunning! There is a difference in the weight, the feel,  the finish, the color, the richness and the quality.  The Klaebu Silversmiths of Taxco, Mexico are among the finest craftsmen in the world and it shows.

Here we feature medium-large (1 1/2 inch diameter) Hoop Earrings inlaid with turquoise chips in a lacquer base.  You'll notice, even in the picture on the left (or above on your smart phone), that no two earrings are ever alike! This is because they are hand made, not churned out by the thousands from a factory in Asia.  

If you buy just one pair of Klaebu Silversmith Earrings we promise you'll never settle for anything less, ever again.


  • Klaebu Model # E10493
  • Pierced Earrings
  • Silver Posts Lock Into Place
  • Silver Hoops inlaid with Genuine Turquoise Chips
  • Soft Polished Finish


  • Assorted Chips of Genuine Turquoise in a waterproof lacquer base


  • Solid Sterling Silver 
  • 925 Quality Stamped
  • Klaebu Silver is never plated, coated or altered in any manner.  
  • Handmade in Mexico


  • 1 1/2 inch diameter

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