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Klaebu Handmade Silver Tiered Polished Drop Earrings

Klaebu Silversmiths

  • $19.95

Even a passing glance and you'll immediately notice these aren't the mass produced shiny discount store earrings, but handmade and hand polished artistry.  And that's what all Klaebu Earrings are - works of art from master silversmiths in Taxco, Mexico. 

Each droplet of silver is shaped and polished by hand. No two are ever alike. And these earrings are never plated, coated or treated in any way. Natural silver, worked by hand.


  • Model # E10016
  • Pierced Earrings
  • French Wire Earrings
  • Dangling Teardrops of Silver
  • Each Droplet Dangles Freely
  • Solid Sterling Silver 
  • 925 Quality Stamped
  • Klaebu Silver is never plated, coated or altered in any manner. 
  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Hand Polished Finish


  • 1/3  inch across at the widest point
  • 1 1/2 inch length

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