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Klaebu Handmade Long Sterling Silver Chandelier Tiered Drop Earrings

Klaebu Silversmiths

  • $47.00

Klaebu Handmade Sterling Silver
Tiered Drop Earrings

How would you like to wear earrings that everybody notices, everybody compliments and EVERYBODY asks, "Where did you get them?" These Klaebu sparkling, shimmering 3 inch long tiered drop earrings wll get exactly that type of reaction. Quite simply, there are none other like them anywhere. That's because they are handmade, one pair at a time by the Klaebu Silversmiths in Taxco, Mexico. Each earring has nine teardrop shaped disks dangling in four rows, each moving freely.  And each disk is individually hand shaped and polished for this amazing finish.    


  • Solid Sterling Silver 
  • 925 Quality Stamped
  • Klaebu Silver is never plated, coated or altered in any manner. 
  • Handmade in Mexico


  • Model # E10013
  • Pierced Earrings
  • French Wire Earrings
  • Dangling Disks of Silver
  • Each Disk Dangles Freely
  • Hand Polished Finish


  • 1  inch across at the widest point
  • 3 inch length


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