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H3 Tactical

Time 4 Tritium is working with H3 Tactical Watches of Switzerland to increase the availability of their watches in the United States.  We hope to greatly increase our selection of watches from this fine manufacturer soon.  

While our selection is limited today, H3 Tactical makes some extraordinary watches and you can purchase any of these watches with confidence in the quality, durability, accuracy and design of an H3 Tactical Watch.

H3 TACTICAL Watch Company manufacturers some of the most innovative and unique Tritium Illuminated Watches in the World! Using the Swiss H3-GTLS selfpowered permanent illumination system, H3 Tactical builds unusually tough, yet technically sophisticated, watches for Law Enforcement and Military personnel for use in the most demanding situations.

These instruments use the latest tritium technology. H3 TACTICAL watches are tested by professionals on the field. Should you be in the military, in law enforcement, the medical profession or participate in Extreme Sports or outdoor activities, we invite you to discover your next wristwatch from the collections offered below.

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